Wushu Performance – What it can teach us

Wushu is one of the most popular forms of the martial arts. It is not only a form of entertainment for the people and a sport for the performers, there is much more in it. The Wushu performance in Singapore attracts many people for the incredible martial art and performance. It is larger than a sport or may be a martial art or a mere performance on stage.

What to learn from Wushu Performance

There are many things to learn from a performance of Wushu.


The existence of the Wushu can be found since last 3000 years ago. It came during Han Dynasty in China before it spread over to the other parts of the South East Asia. First it started as a self defence technique to defy the challenges of the animals and robbers. It slowly started engaging people at a large scale. This slowly became a form of entertainment and mass gathering. The martial art performance then turned to dance form. This made things even better.


There are two kinds of performance of Wushu on stage. The first is in the form of martial art. It is more of a competitive performance. In ancient times it was used in the battle strategy as well. However, today even there is World Wushu Championship that take place every 4 years. The other form is to entertain.

Wushu entertainment

The second form is Entertainment for the Wushu. In Singapore, Lion and Dragon dances are very famous among performances that are based on Wushu. These dances are based on old tales and stories. The thrilling performance is a once in a life time experience for everyone.

Wushu is known for the immense strength, agility and power display. However, it is also about combating challenges, team work and strategy. All of these have immense value in the modern life as well.

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